jComponent v14

Tue Jan 16 2018 22:31:59 GMT+0100 (CET), Peter Širka

Reusable UI: jComponent v14

jComponent is aswesome client-side library for creating reusable JavaScript UI components. It's primary targeted for creating single page applications (SPA). New version 14 brings really great improvements.

New improvements

  • improved stability
  • improved performance
  • improved controllers and scopes
  • improved compilation

New documentation

I have created a new jComponent documentation on Total.js Wiki. It's not completed, but I'll add missing things step-by-step.

New documenation

New componentator

I have re-designed portal and now the portal supports real-time code modification of selected components like JS Fiddle. Componentator contains more than 100 jComponents and components are still growing.

New componentator


This version brings killer feature: versioning UI components. You can define same components in different version. For more info read jComponent documentation.


COMPONENT('textbox', function(self, config) {
    self.make = function() {

COMPONENT('textbox@1', function(self, config) {
    self.make = function() {
        console.log('textbox v1');

COMPONENT('textbox@2', function(self, config) {
    self.make = function() {
        console.log('textbox v2');

// Or multiple version at once
COMPONENT('textbox, textbox@1, textbox@2', function(self, config) {
    self.make = function() {
        console.log('3 versions of textbox');


<div data-jc="textbox"></div>

<!-- VERSION 1 -->
<div data-jc="textbox@1"></div>

<!-- VERSION 2 -->
<div data-jc="textbox@2"></div>

    // Travelsing for all version
    SETTER('textbox', 'setter', 'test');

    // Travelsing for version 1
    SETTER('textbox@1', 'setter', 'test');

    // Travelsing for version 2
    SETTER('textbox@2', 'setter', 'test');

All components on CDN

I have prepared CDN with all components. So you can import components which you are really need. Components are always up-to-date and they are stored under different versions.

You can change repository to own:

// Default URL for fallback:
DEF.fallback = 'https://cdn.componentator.com/j-{0}.html';


I have created a new CDN for jComponent and UI components registered on KeyCDN. For long term projects are prepared stable versions of components and main library:

I recommend to use specific versions:

// Sets this version for all components
DEF.version = '1';

// or you can specify version for each component like this:
VERSION('textbox@1', 'dropdown@3', 'textarea@2');

Good to know

jComponent library and www.componentator.com is a part of Total.js platform. Buy a premium account and support this great JavaScript's platform.


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