Flow 4.1.0

Thu Jan 18 2018 23:58:37 GMT+0100 (CET), Peter Širka

Total.js Flow 4.1.0

Improved importing components from templates

If you'll install components from preddefined templates then Flow shows additional form with all registered Flow components in the selected template. Now you can choose which components you want to install.

Importing components

A quick update of component

You can update a Flow component to a new version quickly, just click on the Database section on the button defined in the component.

Qucik Refresh/Update Flow componennt

Changing a default color for component

It was a missing feature. This feature can be helpful for multiple same components in designer, you can easily change colo of each component, just open Settings.

Component colors

BTW: color is saved in component.color property. Default color is a color defined in the component declaration.


Components can create additional notes dynamically. Notes can be very helpful in different cases and notes are rendered in the Info panel. Important: components need to support this feature.


Notes can be created in settings in two ways:

ON('save.yourcomponent', function(component, options) {
    component.notes = 'Your notes';

or in the Settings directly:

<div data-jc="textbox" data-jc-path="comnotes">Notes</div>

User-defined templates

I have added a new option into the Flow options called templates2. This property can contain addtional link to user-defined templates. The file needs to have same structure as this file.


package#flow       (Object)  : { url: '/', templates2: 'https://yourdomain.com/templates.json' }

Updated traffic info

Traffic show % percentage from the count of all messages and now it shows a count of processed messages in input and output for the specific component.


Finding components

This was a missing feature. Just press F1 and type find. A slick animation highlights the component in the Flow designer.


Backing up

New version supports backing up of settings for Flow designer. Backup can be enabled in the Flow settings:

package#flow       (Object)  : { backup: true }


Starter kit

I have prepared a starter kit for newbies. Just choose a project and download it. Then follow instructions in readme file.


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