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May report 2022

May report 2022

UI components

  • added new component j-Backup
  • added new component j-LoadContent
  • fixed scopes in j-Input
  • improved CSS in j-Markdown
  • fixed iconmenu class in IntranetCSS
  • removed bindvisible from j-TabMenu
  • improved j-Flow by adding multiple selection via meta key
  • updated j-Flow by adding a custom connection type
  • updated j-Flow by updating traffic command by adding reverse:Boolean option
  • fixed file extensions in j-Preview
  • improved .shortcut class in j-Shortcuts
  • added extensions into the j-Exec
  • fixed extensions when uploading file in j-ImageUplaoder
  • fixed focusing and highlighting of connections in j-Flow
  • fix render match in j-Smilefy
  • improved j-KeyValue functionality
  • added component.redrawcolumns() method for redrawing columns in j-DataGrid by Gera G. G├╝iles
  • fixed CSS in j-Input
  • extendend j-Shortcuts by adding preparation function
  • removed emitting of reflow in j-Textbox

jComponent library

  • fixed ~PATH~ in data-import attribute
  • added TAPI() a combination of DAPI() and WAPI()
  • added ~CDN~ keyword that is replaced by the value stored in DEF.cdn
  • improved .find() method (more in docs)

Total.js framework 4

  • fixed NEWMACRO() compiler
  • added flowstream.secrets (something similar like variables)
  • improved applying of flowstream.variables
  • fixed initializing of HTTP server with unix-socket
  • added suppport for Windows named pipe
  • added MAKE(schema, model, [callback/$/controller], [novalidate]) method for validating data according to the schema
  • added $.on() and $.emit() methods into the SchemaOptions
    • $.on('end', function(err, response, [op_name])) catches end of data processing
    • $.on('data', function(response, [op_name])) catches a response from a Schema operation
    • $.on('error', function(err, [op_name])) catches error
    • $.on('response', function(response, [op_name]))
  • added STATUS(id/$, data, [timeout]) for capturing of universal status (executes DEF.onStatus(meta))
  • added DEF.onStatus(meta) for capturing of universal status
    • {Date} last modified date
    • {Object}
    • {String}
  • added schema.array() that allows you to receive data as Array
  • added schema.setDestroy(callback) executed when the schema is removed
  • added schema.setTimer(callback) executed every minute
  • added supports for dynamic schemas in the form NEWSCHEMA(function(schema))
  • fixed functionality in the PROXY() method
  • updated making of internal snapshots
  • extended EXEC() by adding support for query arguments

Total.js Modules

  • updated FlowStream module

Total.js Flow

  • updated j-Markdown
  • improved CSS
  • added suppport for Windows named pipe (Proxy)
  • added a new feature Clear unused components
  • improved exporting
  • fixed copying components between different Flows
  • updated j-Flow component

Updated components:

  • added support for partial data for Model component
  • improved Request component by adding streaming of chunks

New components:

  • REST API Database
  • REST API Router
  • Data parser
  • Teleport


  • fixed nullable values (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite)

Total.js SuperAdmin

  • improved killing apps
  • removed auto-trimming spaces in the Terminal