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Total.js as helper without web server

Total.js as helper without web server

Only a few developers know that Total.js framework can be used without web server. Yes, Total.js framework is really great assistant for developer or administrator.


Installation is very easy and you can do it in less than a minute.

  • if you don't have Node.js platform, install it
  • then install Total.js as a global module, open terminal and run $ npm install -g total.js


If you have installed Total.js framework then you have a small canon available at Your disposal:

  • methods for creating requests
  • functions for image manipulation
  • JavaScript, CSS and HTML minifications
  • String operations
  • Number operations
  • Date operations
  • Array operations
  • tools for parsing data
  • functions for sending email and checking SMTP servers
  • async tools

Make sure to always add require('total.js').

Parsing XML

A size of XML is not limited, everything is streamed.

Parsing CSV

A size of CSV is not limited, everything is streamed.

Making requests with RESTBuilder

Sending emails

Do you want to remove diacritics from a file?

Listing directories and files

Resizing pictures

You need to install GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick before you can use resizing.

Do you need a small NoSQL embedded database?

Minifying JS, CSS and HTML

MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512

Assign values according to path

Built-in validation

Simple string template engine

You can also use Total.js View Engine instead of the template engine below.

Total.js terminal app

If you have Total.js installed as a global module, then you can use Total.js terminal app.

Built-in web server with a directory listing

The command below starts a web server on the port 8000 and a public directory will be current directory, so all files will be available trought the http protocol. The web server tries to find file index.html and if the file doesn't exist then directory listing is performed.

Minify JS, CSS or HTML


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