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Flow 3.0

Total.js Flow v3.0

Today I'm very happy to announce that I have published a new release of Total.js Flow. This version brings a lot of new features, improvements and new components. Total.js Flow is a really great tool for everyone.

Multiple inputs

The big change in this version is the support of multiple inputs. The inputs can be changed dynamically in any component.

Multiple inputs

Message identificator

Each received data are wrapped into messages and each message has its own identificator stored in variable. ID is generated by Flow message counter, the counter is incremented if new instance of FlowMessage is created and not sent.

Message Counter

Added global variables

Variables can contain different values. The syntax is same as Total.js configuration/resource file.



Flow Global Variables

Improved designer

I have improved designer by adding new features like:

  • copy & paste component with all outputs
  • improved export/import designer
  • re-order tabs
  • duplicate tabs
  • added drag & drop components in database form
  • faster moving components with shift key

New Tools

New components

  • Consumption measures CPU and Memory consumption of the current Flow instance (only for Linux servers)
  • Monitor: CPU (only for Linux servers)
  • Monitor: Memory (only for Linux servers)
  • Monitor: Disk (only for Linux servers)
  • Monitor: Network (only for Linux servers)
  • Monitor: Process (only for Linux servers)
  • Monitor: SuperAdmin applications
  • Dashboard Analytics for new Dashboard
  • Merge to Object

Modified components

  • Merge supports merging by and supports timeout
  • MQTT components
  • All Flowboard components

What awaits us in Flow?

I want to add a support for Node Cluster in the next version, so we will see.

Jude Sackville - thank you for sponsoring this version.

New Flow video tutorial: Monitor your Linux server