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March report 2020

March report 2020


UI components

Tomas Novak has fixed rendering of Font-Awesome icons in all spa.min@14-15-16-17-18.css for Chrome +80 which has a bug in rendering.

  • added a new component: j-FloatingInput
  • added a new component: j-LiveStats
  • added a new component: j-PictureUploadExpert
  • added a new component: j-Sounds
  • improved CSS in j-Properties2
  • improved j-Dockable
  • improved j-Windows
  • improved j-PictureUpload
  • improved j-Preview
  • improved j-LargeForm
  • improved mouse events in j-Directory
  • improved CSS + added adark-mode in j-Features
  • improved component.redrawrow() in j-DataGrid.
  • updated j-Developer by adding a missing info about CMD and RETURN
  • updated j-Menu by adding a large mode
  • updated j-DataGrid fixed a bug with rendering in Chrome +80
  • updated j-Input by adding a new config key dirraw
  • fixed click event in j-Submit
  • fixed resetting to a default state in j-Submit
  • fixed resetting to a default state in j-ListForm
  • fixed removing of windows in j-Windows
  • fixed resizing of docks in j-Dockable

jComponent library

  • added ASETTER() for asynchronous operations
  • added AEXEC() for asynchronous operations
  • added RETURN() method (more in docs)
  • added REWRITE2() method (more in docs)
  • added DEF.ajaxcredentials which can enable cookies for CORS requests
  • added a new global event setter (more in docs)
  • added a new global event exec (more in docs)
  • added a new global event cmd (more in docs)
  • added DEF.versioncomponents for changing version of all components
  • added tracktype command into the data-bind
  • added attr command into the data-bind
  • updated data-import by adding a new command reevaluate (more in docs)
  • updated ON('request') event by adding a new property credentials {Boolean} in opt argument
  • fixed REPEAT() method
  • fixed phone validation
  • improved SETTER() by adding a shorter syntax SETTER('input/refresh')
  • fixed a value in exec command in data-bind
  • fixed scopes in WATCH() method
  • fixed init behaviour when executing component.datasource() in the configuration
  • improved performance stats by adding CMD and RETURN

Total.js framework

  • improved bundles
  • fixed removing of unused files when the bundle is extracting
  • released a new version v3.4.1
  • fixed phone validation

Total.js modules

Code Editor

  • added branches (hot new)
  • added chat (hot new)
  • added full-text search in project files (hot new)
  • added HTTP status to output in REST APIs
  • added option to download minified UI components
  • added a support for downloading of entire source-code
  • added new features PING and IP resolver
  • added image viewer
  • improved reloading of open files
  • improved autocomplete
  • improved UI of diff
  • improved UI by adding docks (hot new)
  • improved dark mode
  • updated jComponent version
  • fixed last changes and project changelogs


  • fixed joins
  • added DBMS.measure([callback], [appendfile]) measures queries
  • fixed a problem with empty array in DatabaseBuilder.searchall()


  • added statistics
  • added dashboard (in the control panel)
  • added section with bug reporting (in the control panel)
  • improved UI
  • improved access-tokens in Welcome and Reset password mail messages
  • fixed user backgrounds
  • fixed roles in users synchronization
  • fixed assign feature in users
  • fixed services in openplatform.js module

CMS widgets

  • Fixed sending + UI in ContentContact.