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December report 2019

December report 2019

UI components

  • new UI component: j-ChunkyScroll
  • new UI component: j-Diagram
  • new UI component: j-FaviconUnread
  • updated j-DataGrid by adding jComponent custom scrollbars
  • updated j-Menu by adding disable state by Martin Smola
  • updated j-Form by adding custom scrollbars
  • updated j-Confirm component by improved UI and its functionality
  • updated j-ViewBox by adding a better support for custom scrollbars
  • improved design of hovered/selected date in j-DatePicker
  • fixed redrawrow method in j-DataGrid
  • fixed dirrender value in config with ? defined in the path in j-Input component
  • fixed j-SelectBox component (a problem with searching)
  • fixed j-FontAwesomeBox component (a problem with jComponent v18)


  • improved custom scrollbars in v18 (spa.min@18.css and spa.min@18.js)
  • improved custom scrollbars in v17 (only spa.min@17js)
  • fixed noscrollbar feature in IE and Edge, jComponent v17 and v18
  • improved functionality of selector argument component.parent([selector]) method
  • added resize command in data-binding
  • fixed HIDDEN(element) method


  • fixed client-side OP.init() - is loaded after DOM is ready
  • fixed assign roles and groups for multiple users
  • updated j-DataGrid


  • Replaced old version of jComponent for v18 by Martin Smola


  • added extensions for Total.js Schemas
  • important: added threads for creating of high performance server-less applications
  • important: updated cluster - supports auto-elasticity
  • view-engine supports merging js or css files via @{import('default.js + ui.js')} command
  • fixed a security bug with a path traversal vulnerability
  • optimized debug mode in cluster mode (now it watches changes in files)


  • updated jComponent version
  • added a simple support for Total.js threads (high performance server-less applications)
  • added a new file templates for css and js directories
  • added a support for alignment of Total.js routing
  • added Format JSON option into the context menu


We have started with development of a new version of SuperAdmin.


A new version 13 of CMS will be completed soon with improved security, UI and much more.