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Total.js API services

Total.js API services

We have launched Total.js API services (with fair prices) that offer you great features for your web applications. Implementation is straightforward.

Easy usage in Total.js framework

Total.js 4 supports TotalAPI() method that simplifies work with Total.js API services. So you can easily send SMS or create PDF files directly from your web application without any 3rd party tools.


Current API endpoints

  • SMS sender
  • Mail sender
  • Print HTML/URL address to PDF, JPG or PNG
  • Exchange rates
  • Check VAT
  • IP Geolocation

Read more information here:

Total.js Code

Total.js API tokens can be used in the Total.js Code editor. You can send e.g. your source-code for Code review, or you can chat with official Total.js contributors directly in Total.js Code editor.