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January report 2020

January report 2020

UI components

  • new UI component: j-Kanban
  • new UI component: j-Stats24
  • new UI component: j-StatsBarSimple
  • new UI component: j-VirtualWire
  • updated j-DynamicValue added a support for j-Directory
  • updated j-Part by adding emitting of event in the form parts.+config.if
  • updated j-ClipboardImage by adding output type settings
  • updated j-TextboxList by adding darkmode + improved source-code
  • updated j-CodeMirror by adding new features
  • updated j-Checkbox by adding large mode and improved code
  • updated icons in j-FaIcons
  • updated j-FaIconsButtons by adding empty key in config
  • updated j-Rating by improved code
  • updated placeholder in j-Textarea
  • updated icon in j-Form, supports additional Font-Awesome icons
  • updated j-Textarea by adding a custom placeholder
  • fixed scopes in j-InputTags
  • fixed scopes and dark-mode in j-SearchBox
  • fixed applyfilter method in j-DataGrid
  • fixed autofocus in j-Form
  • fixed dirsource in j-InputTags

jComponent library

  • +v18 fixed scopes in inline helpers
  • data-bind in +v18 contains a new required command
  • fixed a component class name generation in v18 and v17
  • fixed changing of ENVIRONMENT() in v18

Total.js framework

  • added: NoSQL Counter can be reseted via .reset() method
  • added: HttpFile.extension property
  • added: HttpFile.size property alias to HttpFile.length
  • updated: .filefs(), .filenosql(), .imagefs(), etc.. by adding checkmeta argument
  • fixed sessions
  • fixed generators in Schemas & Operations


  • show icons in components-container list by dawnTestCode
  • replaced j-Modal dialogs for improved j-Form
  • updated j-CodeMirror by adding new features like multiple cursors, etc.
  • updated jComponent version
  • updated component httpdownloader (fixed id) by dawnTestCode
  • fixed colons in options.external with options.type = 'client' combination


  • added a new feature called Members
  • users can change own nickname (this option must be enabled by admin)
  • improved UI
  • portal mode contains user status (if is enabled)
  • updated settings by adding new options
  • fixed online state
  • fixed user blocking
  • fixed email notifications


  • added a new feature called Colorize CSS
  • improved snippets by adding filename to NEWSCHEMA, PLUGIN and NEWTASK
  • improved first run by adding a new form Create user
  • fixed dark-mode in pause section
  • updated jComponent

DBMS module

  • fixed db.task() method with db.invalid() combination
  • added QueryBuilder.searchall() method
  • added QueryBuilder.inarray(name, value)
  • fixed or command
  • fixed builder.subquery() called multiple times
  • fixed added a default sorting


We are testing a new version of CMS. It will be best ever Node.js CMS in the world.

  • added 10+ new widgets
  • improved old widgets