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Top 10 reasons to use Total.js Platform

Top 10 reasons to use Total.js Platform

Total.js Platform - its parts are fully open-source under MIT license. We provide daily maintenance for most of the Total.js repositories. Follow us on Total.js GitHub.

1. No dependencies

Total.js framework and Total.js client-side UI library are without any 3rd party dependencies. Of course, Total.js Platform doesn't limit you, and you can use any NPM module (like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, REDIS, JWT, etc.) or existing client-side libraries (like D3, Chart.js, FullCalendar, Vue, Angular, etc.).

2. Good documentation

Total.js Platform has new and more detailed documentation with a full-text search for each part of the platform. Just visit documentation:

3. Many resources

The platform offers many resources for the development of web applications. You can download complete apps (like CMS, Code, Flow, OpenPlatform) or use more than 240 UI components for web or hybrid mobile applications.

4. Rapid development

Total.js Platform is fully optimized for rapid development. You or your team can create and collaborate on your apps directly on Total.js Cloud or on your private servers with the help of the Total.js Code editor. We have prepared a lot of project templates that you can use or extend. If you prefer local development, then you won't be limited too.

5. Without 3rd party tools

For creating web or hybrid mobile applications, you don't need any 3rd party tools for e.g. compiling or transpiling code. Total.js framework minifies and merges static files automatically just in time. You can develop apps directly in e.g. Notepad and without any special tools. Just save and refresh. Did you know? Total.js supports live reload.

6. Stable platform

We are developing Total.js Platform for more than eight years. We provide more than 200 web applications for various cases like web applications, IoT apps, e-commerce, real-time applications, and much more.

7. Great extensibility

The Platform is fully optimized for extensibility. You can extend everything in most cases. With Total.js Platform you can use most NPM modules (like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc.) or other client-side libraries (like D3, Chart.js, etc.).

8. Visual Programming interface

Do you prefer the Visual Programming interface? Total.js Platform supports three types of visual programming interfaces:

9. Amazing performance

The server-side framework Total.js offers impressive performance for web applications or REST services. You can handle hundreds of requests per second on the single-thread only. And if you want to handle thousands of requests per second, you can implement Total.js Cluster or Total.js Threads, which dramatically increase requests' processing.

10. Great support

Join Total.js Telegram or write us on Total.js Messenger. We are ready to help you with the development of web applications under the Total.js Platform. Our company offers professional support services for companies.

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