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January report 2022

January report 2022

UI components

  • added new component j-Box
  • added new component j-Stash
  • added new component j-NoScrollbar
  • added new component j-Watcher
  • added new component j-AutoExec
  • added new component j-CodeEditor
  • added new component j-TableGrid
  • added new component j-KeySelection
  • fixed number filtering in j-DataGrid with ovalue option
  • fixed REDIRECT() in j-Exec component
  • fixed j-Listform for jComponent v19 by Tomáš Novák
  • improved CSS in j-DynamicValue by Tomáš Novák
  • updated design in j-Checkbox by Tomáš Novák
  • replaced SETR() and GETR() methods in j-FormTab and j-Submit by Tomáš Novák
  • optimized j-Features for xs displays
  • fixed j-Panel for mobile devices
  • improved j-Tooltip
  • improved j-DatePicker
  • improved j-Directory
  • fixed monospace option in j-Input with multiline type
  • improved j-FormTab
  • fixed moving/resizing widgets in j-Dashboard
  • improved j-Menu by adding background layer
  • fixed resizeP option in j-Dashboard
  • added change config option to the j-Dashboard
  • fixed placeholder:0 in j-Input
  • fixed custom scrollbars in j-Section
  • fixed binding type in the j-InputTags
  • added pagination option to the j-DataGrid
  • added .call method to the j-Dashboard
  • fixed j-Map

jComponent library

  • added ERROR() method for better error handling (v18, v19)
  • added DEF.dateformatutc {Boolean} by Tomáš Novák
  • added new plugin methods: .push(), .inc(), .toggle()
  • added helpers option to data-bind
  • improved CSS() method by adid
  • fixed auto-binding cached values

Tangular template engine

  • fixed || (or) conditions

Total.js framework 4

  • added session.locale(userdata => userdata.language) to built-in auth mechanism
  • added write functionality to the BitExtractor class by Peter Stolc
  • fixed error handling in the FlowStream
  • added private variables to Macros in the form #variable="VALUE"
  • added comments to Macros in the form // comment
  • fixed auto-closing of WebSocket
  • fixed removing of API routes
  • added controller.jsonstring(str, [headers]) method
  • added res.jsonstring(str) method
  • extended NEWEXTENSION() by adding support for static files
  • added auto-handling files in extensions in the form /-extension_name/filename
  • extended plugins by adding support for html type in the form <script total> ... <file name="index.html"> ...
  • improved multipart parser
  • fixed --minify argument in the Total4 command-line utility
  • extended QueryBuilder by adding new features
  • extended DEF.onAudit(name, data, [$]) by adding $ argument


  • added restart functionality
  • fixed refreshing of NOW variable in the FlowStream

Code Editor

  • updated jComponent
  • improved syntax highligher
  • added <file ... tags highlighting (due to Total.js extensions/plugins)
  • added Hide project option
  • removed the HTTP cache until downloading the entire source code
  • improved Wiki generator
  • added converting plugins to .html files
  • added extracting plugins from .html files
  • added URL address for SuperAdmin
  • added Reset windows functionality
  • improved Electron version
    • added auto-backup
    • improved UI


  • added support for async/await