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February report 2022

February report 2022

UI components

  • added new component: j-SearchData
  • added new component: j-DropDownList
  • added new component: j-Choose
  • added new component: j-Parts
  • added new component: j-Releaser
  • added new component: j-Controls
  • fixed ~ID~ replacing in j-Part
  • fixed drag&drop components in j-Flow
  • improved j-FloatingBox by adding .url option
  • added better error handling to the j-Dashboard
  • improved j-Search
  • fixed design for smaller displays
  • improved j-CloudEditor
  • fixed touch events in j-Flow
  • extended dropmeta argument in j-Flow
  • fixed restoring previous value in j-Edit
  • added new options to j-TableGrid
  • updated design for j-CheckboxList
  • improved j-Directory
  • added class option to the j-Stash
  • fixed reposition groups/components when the user is moving element in j-Flow
  • fixed animations in j-Flow by Martin Smola
  • added grid option to the j-Dashboard
  • added scrolltop option to the j-TableGrid


  • added support for keywords

jComponent library

  • fixed Tangular compiler (CRITICAL)
  • rixed reloading of dynamic routes in jRouting
  • added static variables for IMPORT() method
    • declaring: --VAR_NAME=VALUE--
    • using: <h1>--VAR_NAME--</h1>
  • added .pointer class + improved ui-scrollbar-noscroll in css library

Total.js framework 4

  • improved BLOCKED() method by adding support for clearing limit must be null or -1
  • fixed Tangular compiler (CRITICAL)
  • added TESTER() method for creating rich unit-tests by Jakub Urban
  • LOAD() supports promises (without callback argument)
  • added F.runscript(filename) for evaluating of JS scripts
  • added F.debugger(), it evaluates debugger.js script every time and in every mode
  • improved streaming files
  • fixed close message in WebSocket
  • extended flowstreaminstance.close(removed) delegate by adding removed argument
  • exchanged functionality between >field (it performs MAX) <field (it performs MIN) in TextDB
  • added .release() method to the TextDB
  • extended controller.view() by adding a support for rendering views from plugins (e.g. #plugin_name/view_name)
  • fixed a custom path for NPMINSTALL()
  • fixed linking CONF.node_modules path to the F.require() method
  • fixed .nocache() in the release mode
  • fixed loading apps if the plugin's index.js doesn't exist
  • fixed removing of empty directories in the bundled mode
  • fixed clearing cache for EXEC() method when updating/removing schema

Total.js QueryBuilder

We have added several implementations for:


  • added flowstream_sandbox option for sandboxing of NPM modules in the fork/worker mode
  • improved FlowStream Designer

Total.js CMS

  • fixed parents in Pages
  • added a small cache for reading html content
  • fixed infinite loops in obtaining of breadcrumb
  • fixed HTML encoding in Admin / Pages - issue #35

Code Editor

  • updated binding SuperAdmin link
  • updated HTML template by adding jComponent v19


  • improved searching apps by PID
  • fixed reading app stats in debug mode