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March report 2022

March report 2022

UI components

  • added new component j-CheckPath
  • added new component j-ObjectTree
  • fixed resizing of j-Box
  • fixed curved lines in j-Flow
  • fixed change state in j-TextboxList
  • added absolute positioning in for j-Directory
  • fixed MatchBrackets + improved Markdown syntax in the CloudEditor
  • added margin and minheight option to j-CloudEditor
  • fixed scrolltop option in j-TableGrid

jComponent library

  • improved SEEX() method
  • fixed returing value in setTimeout2()
  • added support for flags to WAIT()

Total.js framework 4

  • added a validation for Byte, TinyInt and SmallInt types in the schemas
  • fixed default_root config option for static files
  • fixed /versions file with applied default_root
  • fixed COPY() method
  • fixed HTTP cache in FileStorage
  • added check command for QueryBuilder
    • updated QueryBuilderPG
    • updated QueryBuilderMySQL2
    • updated QueryBuilderSqlite3
  • fixed decompression bigger messages in the WebSocket

Total.js Flow

  • fixed Export as a component functionality
  • fixed error handling
  • updated UI components
  • updated jComponent version


  • fixed error handling