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April report 2022

April report 2022

UI components

  • added new component j-Xterm
  • added new component j-Locale
  • added new component j-AutoFill
  • fixed resizing in j-Windows
  • fixed level property in the j-Children component
  • added datasource property into the j-Watcher
  • improved j-ShoppingCart
  • added new features to j-Carousel2
  • fixed detaching in j-Edit
  • added support for connection colors in j-Flow
  • improved autofill option in j-Input
  • improved functionality for j-Selected
  • fixed dynamic resizing in j-Box and j-LargeForm
  • fixed colors in Tangular-JsonFormat

jComponent library

  • fixed inline variables in data-import attribute
  • added scope.change([path]) method
  • added WATCHONCE(path, fn) method

Total.js framework 4

  • added NoSQL support for QueryBuilder
  • fixed schema name in the logs when CONF.logger is enabled
  • extended CONVERT() by adding support for advanced arrays e.g. key: [name: String, price: 30]
  • added F.frameworkless(debug, options, [callback]) that executes HTTP server without Total.js dependencies
  • updated PROXY() method by adding check argument
  • fixed copypath functionality in the PROXY() method
  • added auto clearing cache for the CONVERT() method

Total.js Modules

  • added new module CDN downloader for downloading UI components from CDN
  • updated FlowStream module

Total.js Flow

  • improved readme window
  • added list of nodes
  • added support for singleton nodes
  • added support for hidden nodes
  • added support for killing of Flow instances dynamically
  • fixed generating of IDs
  • added delay 700ms for refreshing components
  • fixed custom component id when importing
  • added flow.restart() method for manual restarting of FlowStream worker
  • added settings for Environment
  • fixed cloning instances
  • extended instance.status(obj, [refresh_delay_ms]) by adding delay argument

New components:

  • RSS Reader
  • Model
  • Server Extension
  • REST Route
  • REST Response
  • REST Token Auth
  • REST Workflow
  • CSV dataset
  • Remember
  • Duration
  • Throttle
  • Data Sorter
  • Split
  • LDAP
  • Macro


  • added support for scalar operations like group and sum by Gera-IC
  • improved case insensitive searching in MongoDB by Gera-IC

Total.js CMS

  • fixed description in Posts
  • fixed cache

Total.js Code

  • disabled verbose in shell scripts
  • fixed CSS actions


  • updated module