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July report 2022

July report 2022

UI components

  • added a new component j-AutoDarkMode
  • added output config key to j-Validate
  • added tabs:Boolean option to j-Input for multiline mode
  • fixed selection in j-Flow
  • fixed blur event in j-Input for type:multiline
  • extended options by adding files key for j-ImageUploader component
  • added minwidth + floating config keys to j-Edit
  • added detail style into the IntranetCSS
  • improved UI for j-ImageViewer
  • added check option to j-DropFiles
  • fixed formatting values in j-RawInput

jComponent library

  • added plugin.modified property
  • added plugin.reset() method
  • updated scrollbar shadow color, decreased intensity
  • fixed REDIRECT('../?query=string) with the relative path and query string

Total.js framework 4

  • added better error handling for MAPSCHEMA()
  • improved error printing on the console
  • fixed RESTBuilder.promise([$])
  • extended TypeScript
  • added a support for loading files for the specific environment e.g. file-debug.js or file-release.js
  • fixed TextDB output when TextDB.paginate() without sorting
  • fixed default_root option for inline merging files directly in the views
  • added a new method NEWAPI() for registering of API endpoints
  • added a new method API() for calling API endpoints
  • fixed cache in CMS Render
  • improved helpers in Macros (this contains a current model)
  • updated QueryBuilder.language() by adding support for $ {Object} as the first argument

Total.js OpenMail

  • added supports for languages
  • added Clone for mail profiles
  • added Clone for mail templates
  • added a secondary model that can be defined in the profile
  • updated UI components
  • improved UI
  • fixed importing of profiles

Total.js Flow

  • updated jComponent library
  • updated UI for Settings/Credentials
  • updated UI components
  • fixed shortcuts CMD+A, CTRL+A
  • improved Cherio component by Louis Bertson
  • improved error handling + readme in the Workflow component
  • improved UI for Set a note (it supports Markdown)
  • improved functionality in Comment commponent
  • added new component Minutely

Total.js FlowStream

Total.js Code Editor

  • added highlighting for specific environment files