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May report 2020

May report 2020

UI components

  • added j-DataTable component
  • added j-ImageUploader component
  • improved j-Message by adding style:2
  • improved j-Directory by adding classname option
  • improved j-Checkbox by adding reverse option
  • improved j-Intro for mobile devices
  • improved j-Shortcuts by improving of performance and added new features
  • improved j-Sticker by adding a support for tracking of parent element
  • improved j-ServerListing
  • improved j-Drawer
  • improved j-Detail
  • improved CSS in j-Properties2
  • improved code in j-Validation
  • improved title in j-Form
  • improved j-Windows
  • fixed scopes in j-Search
  • fixed j-LazyImages for mobile devices
  • fixed j-Dashboard

jComponent library

  • improved serializer for URL arguments
  • updated Tangular version
  • added support for scopes to WAIT(), QUEUE() and Array.wait()
  • added a cleaner of removed scrollbar instances

Tangular template engine

  • improved parser
  • improved renderer

Total.js framework

  • added Number.fixed(decimals)
  • updated Tangular

Code Editor

  • added a missing preloader when the editor is opening file
  • improved shortcuts
  • improved performance
  • improved tabs by adding icons and directory path
  • updated jComponent library
  • fixed loading of files with empty bytes
  • fixed renaming of files
  • fixed feature: Download last changes


  • added QueryBuilder.equal() method
  • added QueryBuilder.searchfull(search) method for searching in the all columns (PG only)
  • improved and fixed QueryBuilder.join()
  • Numeric data-type is now parsed as Number

Total.js Flow

  • improved loading of settings form
  • fixed error handling
  • fixed debug component
  • fixed ftpuploadfolder component


  • added missing localization for pagination
  • few UI improvements
  • improved security in Total.js openplatform module
  • added sign-in according to the application access token
  • added OAuth 2.0 API
  • Users of OpenPlatform can be connected to another OpenPlatform via OAuth 2.0

Total.js CMS

  • we have prepared v14
  • new UI interface


We have started a new project called TextDB, which will be a new plain-text NoSQL database engine (written in pure JS).