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August report 2022

August report 2022

Added new apps

  • OpenFiles
  • OpenLogger
  • OpenMail

UI components

  • added j-UIBuilder component
  • improved Properties2 by adding a default group configuration + fixed CSS
  • fixed CSS for configuration in the IntranetCSS component
  • added new delegates for macro.destroy() + macro.service() and for component.service()
  • fixed validation in j-Properties2
  • fixed date formatting in j-Properties2
  • fixed CSS when the input is disabled in j-Input
  • added fixedwidth option to j-Menu
  • added offsetWidth option to j-Menu
  • fixed resizing columns in j-Layout
  • fixed exec in j-Properties2
  • fixed AM/PM time in j-Locale
  • fixed Font-Awesome icons in j-Properties2
  • fixed importing parts and evaluating of them (j-Parts)
  • fixed rendering element instance in the ON('markdown', callback) event (j-Markdown)
  • fixed changes option in the j-Validate after reset
  • fixed colorize option in j-DataGrid
  • fixed multiple selection in j-Flow
  • fixed unhandled text selection in j-Flow
  • fixed CSS for disabled state for innerlabel in the j-Input
  • fixed background color in j-DataGrid
  • fixed z-index in j-MainProgress

jComponent library

  • fixed parsing of numbers according to the DEF configuration
  • added inline calling of code lists e.g. SET('path #countries #languages', 'value')
  • fixed filtering of links in j-ASelected
  • added scope.config.delay option
  • fixed importing external sources

Total.js framework 4

  • fixed update operation in QueryBuilder NoSQL
  • fixed uploading of mp4 files
  • fixed callback argument in the MailMessage.send2() method
  • added for the cluster mode
  • updated FlowStreamMessage.variables(str, [data], [encoding]) by adding encoding argument
  • updated FlowStreamMessage.variables() by adding support for nested properties path1.path2.value
  • updated FlowStreamMessage.variables(), keys for data must be in the form {data.key}
  • updated FlowStreamMessage.variables() by adding {hostname} keyword for obtaining of main hostname
  • fixed parsing JSON schemas from the string
  • improved parsing of inline JSON schemas by adding subtypes like email, smallint, zip, etc.
  • updated schemas by sending raw data if the schema doesn't contain any field

Total.js SuperAdmin

  • added support for downloading of OpenFiles app
  • added support for downloading of OpenLogger app
  • added support for downloading of OpenAuth app
  • added support for downloading of OpenMail app
  • added support for downloading of OpenSync app

Total.js Modules

  • added a new module TotalDB for a new product


  • fixed removing of database connections

Total.js OpenMail

  • fixed secondary model
  • added .reply property into the model

Total.js Flow

  • updated jComponent library
  • updated CDN with components
  • updated j-Input UI component
  • updated j-Flow UI component with bug fixes
  • added variable() method to the Workflow component
  • improved REST Workflow component by adding cancel() method + improved code
  • better implementation of variables for the Request component
  • added label field to items defined in the Model component
  • added a new component TotalDB (premium)
  • improved Flow algorithm (look to Total.js framework 4 changelog)
  • error outputs are highlighted to red
  • added preview logs in the new window in Print + Flashback components
  • added support for removing of group in the main window
  • added positioning option for API Router component
  • fixed positioning in the Model component
  • fixed Markdown rendering
  • added j-UIBuilder component
  • added Veriface component (premium)
  • added OpenLogger component (premium)
  • added SQL Query component
  • added Forward component

Total.js Code Editor

  • fixed Download to clipboard functionality
  • added Unpack file functionality for .tar.gz and .zip files
  • fixed prerendering of file tree after rename
  • improved auto-dark mode