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Januar report 2023

January report 2023

Total.js Platform on Product Hunt

UI components

  • improved shadow for the j-Form
  • improved j-Intro by adding check key in the configuration
  • improved z-index for open windows in j-Windows
  • improved j-LargeForm
  • improved j-Box
  • improved j-MiniForm
  • improved j-Form
  • improved j-FullForm
  • improved j-Window
  • implemented ADAPT() method:
    • j-View
    • j-Section
    • j-Parts
    • j-Part
    • j-Pages
    • j-Page
    • j-Importer
    • j-FloatingBox
  • fixed dots in j-Intro
  • added escaping HTML tags in all error messages in j-ErrorHandler
  • updated CSS for mobile devices in j-Menu
  • improved colors in j-ColorPicker
  • improved ui-bind parser
  • improved CSS for j-DataGrid
  • improved j-Sounds
  • fixed centered mode in j-ViewBox for Apple devices
  • improved the "star" icon in j-Rating
  • added reupload() method to j-Preview
  • added new configuration to j-Markdown
  • fixed method name in the j-Console
  • added list option to the j-Icons
  • added remove invisible automatically to the j-Ready
  • improved j-Movable by adding new functionality
  • improved icons and links in j-Paper
  • removed font-awesome icons from j-Paper and j-Properties
  • fixed iframe usage in j-Clipboard
  • fixed initialization of the content in j-iFramePreview
  • fixed focusing + extended output in j-Paper
  • fixed dark mode for j-ObjectTree
  • fixed dark mode for j-Input
  • fixed Clear functionality in the j-DatePicker
  • fixed mouse wheel in j-Carousel
  • added close option to the j-Form
  • added close option to the j-MiniForm
  • added close option to the j-FullForm
  • added close option to the j-LargeForm
  • added close option to the j-Box
  • added close option to the j-Centered
  • added diff tool for real-time collaboration in j-Paper
  • added contextmenu and check options into the j-Paper
  • improved j-UIBuilder
  • improved j-FileUploader by adding resizing of images
  • added footertop option to j-ListForm
  • fixed handling of removed elements in the j-Flow
  • improved Total.js Icons

Total.js UI Library

  • renamed jComponent for Total.js UI Library
  • improved <ui-import by adding a plugin name without name
  • improved <ui-import processing
  • improved <ui-bind rendering
  • fixed and improved Web Components compilation
  • fixed VBind/VBindArray and a selector for the jComponents
  • added ADAPT() method (+v18)
  • added .block CSS class with display:block
  • added .color CSS class with color:var(--color)
  • added .orange CSS class with the orange color
  • improved PARSE() method
  • improved applying of commands disable/enable in <ui-bind>
  • fixed SEEX() method
  • improved initialization of <ui-plugin>

Total.js framework 4

  • added support for WebSocket for the Total.js Proxy
  • fixed using port in the PROXY() method
  • fixed closing of request/response when redirecting in the REQUEST() method
  • fixed HTML parser by adding fallback for the non-exists end tag
  • fixed debug mode for .html plugins/extensions/components
  • updated TEMPLATE() functionality
    • filename is targeted to the /templates/ directory
    • ~filename is will be used as an absolute filename
    • http:// or [https://](https://`) will download template from the URL address
    • local templates are not cached in the DEBUG mode
  • extended Icon schema type by adding support for Total.js Icons
  • fixed applying of controller.status for controller.invalid() method
  • added COMPONENTATOR(name, components) method for downloading of UI components
  • fixed returning object instance in the ROUTE() method
  • added publish:Boolean/String property into the schema.action()
  • added $.publish(value) property into the SchemaOptions
  • improved String.toJSONSchema()
  • improved HttpFile.move between volumes
  • fixed validating data according to the JSON schema
  • improved error handling in JSON Schemas
  • improved .toJSONSchema() by adding:
    • nested object in the form { name:String, path: String }
    • nested object arrays in the form [{ name: String, path: String }]
    • linked schemas in the form name:@User, address:@Address
  • added support for promises into the CLEANUP()
  • added $.repo {Object} property into the SchemaOptions
  • extended schema.action() by adding new options:
    • user: true/false
    • permissions: 'read,write,admin'
  • added QueryBuilder.returning(fields) method (implemented in PostgreSQL)
  • updated CALL() response (it returns Object instead of Array) with multiple actions
  • $.action(name, [data]) is an alias for CALL() method directly in the SchemaOptions
  • fixed view command @{language}

QueryBuilder: PostgreSQL

  • added support for the QueryBuilder.returning(fields) method for commands:
    • INSERT
    • UPDATE
    • DELETE

Total.js OpenPlatform

  • new version v5!!!

Total.js UI Builder

  • almost done!

Total.js Code

  • updated client-side templates to Web Components
  • updated jComponent library
  • updated icons

Total.js Flow

Total.js Flow on Product Hunt

  • updated UI to Web components
  • rewritten all Flow components to Web components
  • added new component Extend
  • improved Date component
  • improved CSV Dataset component
  • improved settings in Delay component
  • added support for the updated version of OpenPlatform
  • added Total.js Enterprise
  • updated jComponent library
  • updated icons
  • fixed lost input focus in the OpenPlatform
  • extended Stream form by adding a custom memory limit
  • updated j-Flow component
  • added support for localization
  • added Spain localization by Gera G. G├╝iles