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Total.js OpenPlatform v5

Total.js OpenPlatform v5

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Finally, we have released a new version of Total.js OpenPlatform v5. The upgraded version brings better code, stability and security. It can be customized for a variety of purposes. OpenPlatform is under the MIT license.

As a database we use PostgreSQL. Data from the OpenPlatform are stored in the scheme op, so you can extend the public schema without losing functionality in the OpenPlatform.

OpenPlatform v5

Did you know?
Third-party apps can be written in any server-side or client-side technology.

Old vs New

In comparison to the new version, the old version has a lot more functionality. It was also difficult to extend the old version. Therefore, we decided to create a new OpenPlatform version for customizing rather than complex functionality. The newly released version is much faster and simpler to use.

Breaking changes

The authentication mechanism has been replaced with a more secure one. Now a third-party app needs two tokens: request token (for signing receiving data) and response token (for signing outgoing data).

New app example

Check out our web application template optimized for the OpenPlatform. It can help you create an app for the OpenPlatform.