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March report 2023

March report 2023

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UI components

  • added new component j-InlineProperties
  • added new component j-Swiper by Jozef Marton
  • added new component j-QRCode
  • added new component j-Printer
  • added new component j-SVGIcons
  • added new component j-iFrame
  • fixed minheight option in j-DataGrid
  • added new new improvements for j-Paper
  • fixed width/height in j-FloatingBox
  • added support for CLASS keyword in j-Paper
  • added placeholder option to the j-Paper
  • improved functionality in j-Paper
  • decreased font sizes in j-Menu for the mobile devices
  • improved j-Icons
  • added opt.height to j-Directory
  • improved code in j-Selected
  • fixed icons in j-TextboxList
  • fixed resizing of right2 panel in j-Layout
  • fixed dark mode in j-Icons
  • fixed time format in j-Time
  • fixed hover event in j-Directory
  • improved j-Developer
  • added support for ssid URL argument to j-Studio
  • improved CSS in j-Notify
  • improved j-FloatingBox
  • improved code in j-Range
  • added eu and us zones to j-Locale
  • fixed confirming value by enter key in j-Directory
  • fixed positioing in the j-Directory
  • extended j-IntranetCSS by adding a new table class board
  • fixed language setting in the j-Locale
  • fixed loading content into the j-iFramePreview

New Total.js Icons

New icons


  • wrench
  • remove
  • totaljs
  • link
  • unlink

Total.js UI Library

  • added DEF.timeformat
  • added DEF.firtdayofweek
  • added default values for environment values [date], [time], [ts]
  • added a support for a direct value assignment into the plugins e.g. ?|name
  • improved plugins, binders and components initialization (important)
  • added a new check command to the <ui-bind>
  • fixed making paths in the plugins
  • cleaned code -4 kB
  • updated APPEARANCE() method by removing restrictions for CSS variables
  • added plugin.parent property
  • fixed applying environments to the component's configuration

Total.js framework 4

  • improved error handling in the FlowStream
  • added CONF.default_tms_maxlength option
  • improved the NEWSUBSCRIBE() method by adding the callback argument
  • added inmemory database support for QueryBuilder
  • improved error handling in the FlowStream
  • added .wav as the allowed static file
  • improved the CORS() method CORS('https://.., [https://..')](https://..')`) that allows only the specific hostnames
  • fixed atomic operations in NoSQL QueryBuilder
  • updated TypeScript definitions by willful759

Total DB

  • added Copy to Excel and Copy to CSV
  • fixed permissions

UI Studio

  • fixed permissions

Total.js OpenPlatform

  • added ssid property to the user instance
  • added public API for obtaining of users
  • fixed localization
  • improved default localization
  • extended user session by adding groups

Total.js UI Builder

  • added Import component form
  • added a better integration for Total DB
  • improved documentation

Total.js Code

  • implemented Docker by Tomas Novak
  • implemented Cloud Docker IDE by Tomas Novak
  • implemented UI Builder
  • updated Total.js icons

Total.js Flow

  • updated Total.js icons
  • updated Total.js UI library
  • updated UI components
  • fixed OpenPlatform permissions
  • fixed localization
  • removed version of components from the components list in the Flow editor
  • updated /module/flowstream.js by adding module.rpc() method (for very special usage)