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April report 2023

April report 2023

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UI components

  • added caching of height value for resizing in j-iFrame
  • extended j-iFrame by adding better offset
  • added id type to the j-Input
  • improved error handling in j-DataGrid
  • fixed encoding values in Tangular-JsonFormat
  • added url config key to j-FileUploader
  • fixed removing custom class name in j-Directory
  • fixed redrawing connections and improved performance in j-Flow
  • extended j-Importer by adding singleton config key
  • fixed colorize option in j-DataGrid
  • fixed removing functionality in j-FileUploadList
  • improved blockquote CSS in j-Markdown

Total.js UI Library

  • fixed applying of complex paths
  • fixed check command in <ui-bind> #29
  • fixed parsing paths in the form path['key']
  • fixed paths with ^ and + characters in the plugins

Total.js framework 4

  • fixed parser for macros
  • improved macros by adding async operations
  • fixed res.proxy()

Total.js OpenPlatform

  • improved setup/app form

Total.js UI Builder

  • extended templates by adding data views
  • added a new settings option "Auto publish after saving the design"
  • added F5 shortcut for reloading of UI components
  • improved sources
  • added support for relative URL addresses of the components
  • improved datasource callback, it can handle { items: [] } response
  • improved importing of external sources


  • new component: applayout
  • new component: flowinput
  • new component: flowoutput
  • improved datagrid
  • improved cards
  • improved dropdown
  • improved flowboard floorplan
  • improved columns
  • improved infocard
  • improved input
  • improved link
  • improved part

Total.js Code

  • updated UI library
  • improved UI
  • improved Docker functionality
  • added public API
    • create app
    • stop app
    • list of apps
    • restart app
  • improved projects list
    • added CPU consumption
    • added memory consumption
    • added network traffic
    • added errors

Total.js Flow

  • extended component declaration by adding exports.meta = { remove: false } (disables removing a component)
  • updated UI components
  • updated UI library
  • updated data-exec="FUNC.trigger", it reads data-data attribute value as a value
  • improved j-Flow component
  • updated the payload size quota for the /notify/ endpoint
  • fixed binding values for CodeMirror
  • improved replacement of keywords ID, CLASS, CONFIG, STATUS
  • fixed a problem if IPC channel is closed


  • extended the CORS component by supporting custom hostnames
  • added a new component Crontab
  • updated the readme in the Cron component