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May report 2023

May report 2023

UI components

  • added new component j-MapZones
  • fixed NoSQLcounter rendering for mobile devices
  • improved j-Parts functinoality
  • fixed positioning for j-DatePicker
  • added auto hidding element in the j-iFramePreview component
  • added {Boolean} option for edit text in j-Paper
  • fixed displaying notifications in j-NativeNotifications
  • improved generating identifiers in j-Paper
  • fixed today highlighting in j-DatePicker
  • fixed today highlighting in j-InlineDatePicker
  • fixed using of the / char in j-Paper
  • fixed movement in the edit mode in j-Paper
  • added .notify() method in j-Paper
  • added output config option to j-ClipboardImage
  • fixed flashing colon in j-Time
  • fixed remove synchronization in j-Paper
  • added support for [data-prevent] attribute in j-Paper
  • added widget.focus() + improved creating new widgets in j-Paper
  • added output config option for j-Preview

New Total.js Icons

New Total.js Icons

New Total.js Icons

Total.js UI Library

  • fixed CAN() method. It returns true if no components exist inside.
  • extended ui-bind element by adding two new attributes element, child, parent

Total.js framework 4

  • fixed TEMPLATE() parser
  • fixed stream.pause()/stream.resume() functionality in the REQUEST() method
  • extended: API() by adding Total.js API services, e.g. API('TAPI', 'sms', { ... }).promise()
  • extended API() by adding .output(type) method, a value is set to the opt.output object
  • optimized schemas by Aaron Myatt
  • fixed /bundles/*.url files in debug mode
  • improved API(), the API name can now be called in lowercase
  • extended FAKE() by adding inline JSON schemas specification
  • extended SCHEDULE() method by adding support of cron basics
  • added instance.vary(type) delegate that is executed when variables, variables2 or secrets have been changed
  • added asfile argument into the flowstream.add(name, body, [callback], [asfile]) method
  • added asfiles argument into the flowstream.load(components, design, [callback], [asfiles]) method
  • added support for promises to the DOWNLOAD() method
  • fixed parsing date for JSON Schemas (it accepts null value)
  • fixed a check for uploading webp images
  • updated $.action('#|+|-action_name', [model]) method by adding support HTTP method types #, +, -
  • added UIDR() a new UID random generator, it generates text [a-zA-Z0-9] - 8 characters + checksum and without timestamp
  • added U.random_text(length) generates random text from [a-zA-Z0-9]
  • added CONF.default_uid {String} option for changing of UID generator (possible values uidr, uid1, uid16, default: null)

Total.js BlogEngine

  • fixed markdown preview

Total.js OpenMail

  • fixed attachments

Total.js Code

  • updated icons
  • updated libraries
  • allowed + char for files and directories
  • updated JSHint library

Total.js Flow

  • fixed UI component j-Parts
  • improved /notify/ endpoint
  • fixed highlighting identifiers in the code editor
  • added drag & drop Components
  • added Download component to file
  • improved documentation
  • added movable UI component
  • added Drag & Drop FlowStream files
  • updated icons
  • updated libraries


  • added a new component QR Code for generating QR Codes
  • added a new component Variable Symbol component
  • added a new component LocalStorage
  • added a new component Flow recorder
  • fixed CSS in DataSorter component
  • improved BASE64 parser in the Read component (it can parse Data URL)
  • fixed settings in Model
  • updated Read, it contains two new types + extended options
  • added cloning objects to the Flashback component
  • added a printing delay to Print JSON component
  • fixed configuration in the Merge component
  • fixed destroying of messages in the HTTP Route component
  • fixed pending stats in the Teleport component