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July report 2023

July report 2023

UI components

  • updated firstday option in j-InlineDatePicker
  • added default url NAV.url to the j-Breadcrumb
  • fixed checking state in j-Validate
  • added support for base64 in j-FileUploader
  • normalize data sources in j-Properties2
  • normalize data sources in j-Configuration

New Total.js Icons

  • added new icons

New icons

Tangular template engine

  • improved | encode helper by adding type argument
  • improved loops by adding alias of for in keyword {{ foreach ... of ... }}

Total.js UI Library

  • added new icons
  • updated Tangular template engine
  • added a reference to the component's instance node.uicomponent {UIComponent}
  • added a reference to the bind's instance node.uibind {UIBind}

UI Builder

  • added support for importing external scripts app.import [String]
  • fixed saving CSS for preview in the main settings
  • added Export component to the clipboard
  • added Export to component functionality
  • improved compiler
  • added support for external component lists
  • added copy & paste functionality

Total.js framework 4

  • added <readme> tag to HTML compression blacklist
  • added a new event ON('componentator', function(meta))
  • added PATH.plugins(path) method
  • fixed FileStorage.readbase64()
  • fixed a file validation for encrypted word/excel files
  • updated Tangular template engine

OpenPlatform App Templates

  • fixed permissions

Total.js OpenReports

  • fixed permissions

Total.js Code

  • updated Total.js icons
  • fixed Google translations
  • added ChatGPT functionality
    • Spell check
    • Generate text
    • Summarize text
    • Make keywords
    • Ask

Total.js Flow

  • updated Total.js icons

Total.js Flow Designer

  • updated Total.js icons