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August report 2023

August report 2023

We are grateful to Keyur Maheta for pointing out security issues.

New apps

UI components

  • added move option for j-ListForm by Invincible83
  • fixed disabled state in j-Movable
  • added check config option to j-Movable
  • added title option for the j-Breadcrumb
  • fixed CSS for j-FloatingInput
  • improved rendering in j-Markdown
  • fixed markdown-small styles in j-Markdown
  • fixed config.width property in j-InlineProperties
  • improved tasks rendering in j-Markdown
  • added support for @path inside components in j-Edit
  • improved setting of ampm option in j-TimePicker
  • added opt.align option to j-TimePicker
  • improved CSS for j-DatePicker and j-InlineDatePicker
  • fixed videos in j-Markdown
  • fixed unordered/ordered list parser in j-Markdown
  • added allowrawpaste option in j-Wysiwyg
  • added filter config option to j-DrawZone
  • fixed parsing unordered/ordered lists in j-Markdown

QueryBuilder: PostgreSQL

  • Added array functionality by Gera

New Total.js Icons

New icons

Total.js framework 4

  • added a new global keyword PLUGINS
  • added U.groupify(id, [count]) method for grouping identifiers
  • fixed data validation for the schema actions
  • added DatabaseBuilder.alike(name, [comparer], value) by Gera
  • added FlowStream events:
    • flowstream.on('connect', function(instance))
    • flowstream.on('disconnect', function(instance))
    • flowstream.on('configure', function(instance))
  • extended HTTP server by adding gzip and deflate content-encoding
  • updated options by adding options.compress = 'gzip|deflate' option in the REQUEST() method
  • extended command-line tool by adding new command total4 --extract <filename.bundle>
  • improved CMS compiler by adding support for inline navigation and breadcrumb

Total.js OpenReports

  • removed useless definition

Total.js OpenAuth

  • fixed extensions configuration
  • update UI components

Total.js Code

  • fixed HTML syntax highlighting
  • fixed registering external projects
  • extended auto-suggestion list
  • added configuration for limiting count of apps

Total.js Flow

  • updated component template
  • fixed handling of nullable value in Teleport component