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September report 2023

September report 2023

New apps

New Total.js services


  • added copying highlighted text in Markdown

UI components

  • extended app option in j-UIBuilder
  • fixed folder icon in j-Crop
  • improved performance in j-Flow
  • added dirfilter config option to the j-Input component

Total.js UI Library

  • added component.CMD(name, [a], [b], [c], [d], [e]) method for evaluating of registered commands
  • added @nohistory flag in the REDIRECT() method
  • added diff flag for SET() method

UI Builder

  • fixed condition in show component by Dodo
  • improved instance.validate() now, it can return Array or String (as an error message)
  • added instance.errors() {Array} that can parse the instance.state.invalid value

Total.js framework 4

  • added CONF.logger that enables the writing of console into the /logs/debug.log file
  • fixed encryption in actions
  • improved edit source-code functionality
    • improved schema by adding nocompress {Boolean} field
  • fixed setting values 0, false and null in FlowStreamMessage.send() method
  • extended LOADRESOURCE() method
    • LOADRESOURCE(url) for downloading multiple localizations
    • LOADRESOURCE(name, url) for downloading single localization
  • add support for generating source map / (only for debug mode)
    • routes: [Object]
    • actions: [Object]
    • plugins: [Object]

Total.js Examples

Total.js OpenFiles

  • updated configuration by adding calculatesize option


  • fixed updating permissions by Gerardo
  • added French localization by Chris Kid
  • added an option to enable native scrollbars in iframes


  • fixed reminder postponement
  • extended start timer for subtasks and unordered/ordered lists

Total.js OpenReports

  • fixed boolean values in the filters and variables

Total.js Code

  • added an option for skipping of the Project FileStorage directories
  • updated Total.js UI library
  • added back Total Combat mode
  • fixed funcionality with the modified code

Total.js Flow

  • fixed naming
  • fixed emiting configure_COMPONENTID event (client-side)
  • updated Total.js UI library
  • improved performance of j-Flow component
  • added Export to BASE64 functionality
  • improved Export to component functionality
  • improved FlowStream modul
    • added reference value for input/output flow methods


  • added support for Total.js Encryption/Decryption for the Request component
  • updated Input component by adding reference
  • updated Output component by adding reference
  • updated Subscribe component by adding reference
  • updated Publish component by adding reference