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May report 2024

May report 2024

New online service: Total.js Translator

We launched a new online tool called Total.js Resource Translator. This web application can assist you with translating text in the Total.js resource files. It supports nice features like creating resource files from the project folder or auto-translating with the help of the Google Translate service.

Stack Overflow

We recommend using Stack Overflow for all questions about the Total.js Platform. Use the total.js tag, and our team members will answer.

New Total.js API

Total.js framework 5

  • first official release in NPM $ npm install total5
  • added $¬†flow5 command-line ulity, example: $¬†flow5 path/to/flow.json
    • Total.js v5 must be installed as a global module $ npm install -g total5
  • extended icon validator by adding support for tic keyword
  • added new events ON('request'), ON('controller') and ON('websocket')
  • fixed applying the $insecure option in the FlowStream
  • fixed routing for unexpected content-type
  • fixed error handling in TMS by Louis
  • improved translate command in total5 command-line tool
  • fixed link generator for email and phone numbers in Markdown
  • fixed global settings for JS/CSS/HTML minificator
  • improved merging files
  • fixed middleware with _ underscore character in routes

Total.js framework 4

  • fixed refreshing subscribers in Total.js Message Service
  • extended icon validator by adding support for tic keyword
  • fixed link generator for email and phone numbers in Markdown

Documentation app

  • fixed permissions


Total.js UI Library

  • fixed @change flag
  • added @modify flag (alias to @change)
  • plugins only inherit parent plugins if the path starts with ?
  • fixed @modified flag when reading a value

UI components

  • improved disabling autofill in j-Input
  • fixed positioning without using j-Viewbox in j-Directory
  • fixed positioning without using j-Viewbox in j-DatePicker
  • fixed positioning without using j-Viewbox in j-ColorPicker
  • fixed updating values in j-Properties2
  • fixed auto generating links in the j-Markdown
  • improved line2 CSS in j-Markdown
  • fixed drag & drop events in j-DataGrid


  • improved bookmarks.

Flow components:

  • fixed models in ChatGPT by Palo
  • added Total.js API components by Marek:
    • Weather
    • Print PDF
    • Plate number parser
    • OCR
    • SMS
    • Invoice parser
    • GeoIP
    • Exchange rates
    • File converter
    • Check VAT
    • Check credits
    • ChatGPT
    • Captcha

Enterprise components:

  • added a new component OpenAI Files by Palo

Total.js Code editor

  • improved bundling
  • improved docker logs
  • extended ImageViewer for webp format


  • updated UI components


  • added support for widget 3rd party dependencies

New widgets:

  • added new widget: Code Highglihter


  • added support for changing tokens
  • added support for changing request and response tokens
  • fixed color in user sessions
  • updated bundle (now the plugins are divided into independent bundles)
  • fixed TMS link by Gerardo