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New version Total.js v2.1.0 + new products

New version Total.js v2.1.0 + new products


We are happy to announce, that new version v2.1.0 of Total.js framework is out. We added some new features and fixed a few bugs. Have a look at changes on GitHub: changes.txt. We also redesigned our website at

Important: We are looking for investors

Rewritten javascript minification algorithm

The algorithm had to be rewritten due to some changes in licensing of the algorithm we used previously. New algorithm is a bit faster and more efective.

News in Schemas: Hooks

Currently we only use Hooks in a project that is not released yet, but it has a great potential in modular aplications. Using Hooks allows You to react when something happens, before/after saving data to db, when some page is to be rendered, etc.

Improved sitemaps

Sitemaps now supports localisationĀ in urls. We made some minor changes to improve overall functionality. More informations in docs:

Re-introduced and improved streaming of images

Previously removed streaming of images using multipart/x-mixed-replace is now back. Thanks to this it's possible to stream images for example from IP camera which supports MJPEG. Implementation is quite simple.


New function

We added new methodĀ, scope), which extends flags in scope for following methods F.route(), F.websocket() and F.file(). The inspiration comes from PHP framework Laravel.

WebSocket auto-destroy

New method has been added to websocket controller controller.autodestroy([callback]). This method will destroy the instance of controller and release memory if there's no user online.

New open-source products

Blog Engine

As the name suggests Blog Engine is a simple application for blogging. It uses Total.js's NoSQL embedded DB engine (flat file database) so all that's needed to run it is Node.js and Total.js framework. This website also uses Blog Engine.


Dashboard is an application for displaying various information in a nice interface with customisable widgets. Widgets can load data from different sources and display them in all kind of graphs.


Node.js Content Management System (CMS) has been moved to its own repository on Github. Some news in CMS can be found bellow.



CMS has been removed from Eshop repository as mentioned above. Bellow changes applies to both CMS and Eshop.

  • overall improvements of UI for better user experience
  • simlified code base to improve performance
  • new WYSIWYG editor to make editing pages realy simple


SuperAdmin now supports renewal of Let's encrypt Certificates. We've added more application templates and notifications. And since SuperAdmin uses components from the bellow mentioned changes to Componentator applies to SuperAdmin too.


Almost all components at have been improved to achieve smaller and better code and we've added some animations to improve user experience.