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New Total.js version v2.2.0

New Total.js version v2.2.0

We have published a new Total.js version v2.2.0. This version fixes 2 critical bugs and brings great new features.

Critical bugs

  • nosql.modify() didn't work correctly with defined fields with undefined values
  • FrameworkImage had a big critical security bug for bash injections (100x thanks to Luis Figueiredo)

News and updates

  • RESTBuilder can create requests to other web services - read docs
  • controller.proxy2(url, [callback], [headers], [timeout]) creates a real proxy (helpful for API)
  • image.watermark(filename, , [y], [width], [height]) adds a watermark to an image
  • allow-cache-snapshot (a new config value) makes the cache persisting the framework restarts
  • response.noCompress = true disables JS/HTML/CSS compilations/compressions, helpful for file handlers
  • debug.js has been updated and we have added timestamps
  • we have updated Total Package Manager $¬†tpm -help
  • F.onLocate has been renamed to F.onLocale with backward compatibility

Note: Total.js works correctly on Node.js v7.