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How to create a session middleware?

How to create a session middleware?

We create a simple middleware

You can save the code below as your-app/definitions/session.js:

  • constant SESSION contains all active sessions
  • constant TIMEOUT contains expiration time for a session
  • constant COOKIE contains a cookie name


Now we can use the middleware, so create/modify a controller e.g. /your-app/controllers/default.js:

What have we done in the code above?

  • we created a route to homepage F.route('/', action, [flags])
  • the route contains session middleware, which we created
  • then we used controller.session in the controller's action

Extend middleware by adding e.g. events

Now it's very easy to extend functionality of middleware. So I extend the code below:


You can use the code below in each .js file on the server-side in Total.js.

How to set the middleware to multiple routes together?