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New version of SuperAdmin v5.0.0

New version of SuperAdmin v5.0.0

SuperAdmin is an alternative to PM2 with really nice UI and I'm very happy to announce a new version of SuperAdmin: v5.0.0. New version brings great new features, improvements and logs.

SuperAdmin v5.0.0

Added a custom start script

With this feature you can run competitive frameworks like Express.js. You only need to perform two important steps:

How to run Express application via SuperAdmin?

Create a start script: /your-app/index.js:

Custom start script

Logs analyzator

This new feature analyzes all log files in each application. When the log contains error or obsolete keyword then highlights the application in another analyzator list. You can open log or restart the application directly in this list.


New options

I reworked a toolbar and added context menu with new features:

  • Nginx test tests the Nginx configuration
  • SuperAdmin logs shows logs from SuperAdmin
  • Server logins shows last logins on the server

New options

Improve design + system informations

I improved design and some UI components. System informations are more accurate.

Improve design

Open API

I added open API access for third-party applications. Our partner Casperise company prepares a new native SuperAdmin mobile application for Android and iOS (it will support multiple servers).

SuperAdmin mobile app

Support Service

We can help you with installing of SuperAdmin, read more here: