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New version of Eshop and CMS v8.0.0

New version of Node.js CMS and Eshop

I hope that it will be a great gift for this christmas. I have prepared a new version of Eshop and CMS for Node.js platform. New version brings really great features.

New features

Eshop and CMS uses all new features from Total.js NoSQL embedded database, features like counter or in-memory mode.

  • new version of jComponent
  • smaller code
  • improved UI components
  • improved Order form
  • improved CMS editor (drag & drop images, new CMS_unwrap class, etc.)
  • improved CMS editor source-code preview
  • added HTML compression
  • product description contains CMS editor, show preview
  • better statistics
  • widgets can contain custom CSS
  • widgets can be exported

Check our new video:

Download Node.js Eshop and CMS