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New Total.js version 2.4

New Total.js version 2.4

New Year brings a new version of Total.js framework v2.4. The framework is awesome tool for creating web applications, e-commerce, REST services, Internet of Things or desktop web applications running on Electron.

I have created more than 200 Total.js projects over last 4 years. Most of the projects is still up and running with great results. Give Total.js a try if you are new to Node.js, it's easy to start with.

NEW: Reusable Components

I have added a great new feature called components. Components are server-side reusable components which can contain CSS, JS and HTML in single file. The framework parses each component and splits CSS + JS to separate static files which will be merged and compiled. The framework processes HTML content as a classic view (the component has access to all view commands).

  • supports a localization markup e.g. @(Join our newsletter)
  • supports server-side scripting
  • supports (almost) all commands from views
  • CSS and JS are compiled
  • HTML is minified
  • IMPORTANT: download latest version of debug.js

Directory structure:

File structure of components:

Component /components/newsletter.html:

Usage in views - /views/myview.html:

Then the framework renders CSS/JS links into the @{head} / @{import('head', ...)} tag when the view contains some components.


Convertors are really helpful for converting values e.g. from String to Number when a QueryString (GET/POST+PUT+DELETE form-urlencoded) is parsed.

Create a definition file: convertors.js:

Some controller:


The operations are registered asynchronous functions with a better error handling via ErrorBuilder (similar to schemas).


  • error handling
  • simple and async usage
  • global access
  • a same usage like operations in Schemas

Registering operations:

Calling operations:


This feature downloads and evaluates specific Total.js dependencies (controllers, modules, etc.). It uses same functionality like INSTALL() method but with additional interval argument.

Create a definition file uptodate.js:

Up-To-Date behaviour can also be used in /dependencies file:

How to create e.g. up-to-date module?

  • create a module e.g. mymodule.js
  • upload your module on your server
  • link your module with your app UPTODATE('module', 'https://..../mymodule.js', '20 minutes')
  • IMPORTANT: framework cleans routes (F.route(), F.file() or F.websocket()) automatically

Content of mymodule.js:

Configuration files support custom options for dependencies

  • options is used in these methods: INSTALL() and UPTODATE()
  • and in all dependencies when they are loaded

E.g. /config:

ShellSort replaces QuickSort algorithm

I have performed some tests with sorting algorithms and ShellSort is about 10-15% faster than QuickSort. Note: NoSQL embedded database uses this new sorting algorithm.

X-Powered-By header

I have added back the X-Powered-By header with Total.js value (but without Total.js version). You can disable this behaviour via Total.js configuration file:


I have added a new String prototype String.parseTerminal([fields], fnLine(values, index, length, realIndex), [skip], [take]) for parsing terminal output.

New alias for GETSCHEMA()

I have added a new alias for GETSCHEMA() method, the new alias is $$$([group], name) and it's more readable (for me). So you can choose what is better for you:

Improved scripting

I have improved F.script() and now it can return a compiled function.

Mail Message supports unsubscribe method

The method adds List-Unsubscribe header.

New Year's cleaning

  • Removed restrictions (this feature can be created via middleware)
  • Removed behaviours (it wasn't as useful as expected)


  • Better performance.
  • Improved compression of CSS files.
  • A framework codebase has been optimized and decreased in size by about 8 kB.
  • The framework is ready for Node v7.
  • F.datetime has a better lifecycle.
  • Improved memory consumption in controller.memorize() and F.localize().


  • A critical bug with authorization (authorize and unauthorize flags) in WebSocket
  • JS minificator
  • Fixed streaming cache in a debug mode

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