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Total.js Messenger: Chat app inspired by Slack

Total.js Messenger: Chat app inspired by Slack

Messenger is an open-source web application and it's a small alternative to Slack. Total.js messenger is powerful micro application for each company with open source-code.

  • Try our Chat support built on Total.js messenger:


  • real-time messaging
  • optimized for mobile devices
  • uploading files with a file browser
  • browser's notifications (can be disabled)
  • email notifications (can be disabled)
  • basic smileys
  • sounds (can be disabled)
  • GitHub flavored markdown with syntax highlighting
  • supports pasting picture from clipboard
  • supports exporting conversations (the last 100 messages)
  • supports favorite messages
  • supports fulltext search
  • supports user-defined to-do list
  • supports shared channels
  • supports direct messages between two users
  • uses NoSQL embedded database (no complicated installations)
  • low hardware requirements
  • source code has only 300 kB


What are the benefits? You can extend the messenger easily by custom bots, custom behaviours or custom functionality. You can provide it on your own Linux server with minimum requirements.

New future

I have prepared a components mechanism for Total.js Messenger, so the messenger will be extended very easy by new and custom functionality without changing the core code.


It's unbelievable, but minimal requirements are:

  • 1 CPU, 60 MB RAM and 60 MB of free space on HDD
  • Linux/macOS/Windows
  • Node.js platform v6+
  • Total.js framework v2.4+

What's the cost?

For downloading Total.js messenger source-code you have to have a Premium Total.js account.

Slack alternative: Total.js messenger