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The smallest HelpDesk system in the world

The smallest HelpDesk system in the world

I have written the smallest HelpDesk system in the world. It's in the form of Total.js package, just copy the package into the project and HelpDesk will work on NoSQL embedded database. HelpDesk is a great tool for small clients.

  • Try demo:$helpdesk/
  • Less than 10 kB
  • Built on NoSQL embedded database
  • Optimized for mobil devices (fully responsive)
  • Email notifications for customer and support
  • Simple security options (HTTP Basic access authentication or IP restrictions)
  • Two modes: customer/support
  • Supports Total.js up-to-date functionality
  • Can be localized

How can I enable a support mode (admin mode)?

  • the support mode (admin mode) is enabled when you perform a double-click on the bug icon

Smallest HelpDesk System

Where to download it?