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New Premium SuperAdmin v7

New Premium SuperAdmin v7

New version of SuperAdmin contains three new features and a lot of improvements. Download Premium SuperAdmin today.

Auto-renew SSL certificates

This feature can re-new your SSL certificates automatically before they expire. Just enable auto re-new SSL certificates in SuperAdmin settings:

Auto re-new SSL certificates

Monthly statistics

Monthly statistics contain grouped statistics by cpu, memory, errors, restarts, etc..

SuperAdmin monthly stats

Nginx access logging

New version supports enabling NGINX access logging:

Nginx access logging

  • all logs are stored in logs directory /www/logs/[app_name]--access.log
  • SuperAdmin can't display the logs yet but some UI for displaying them will be added in next updates


  • added auto-renew SSL certificates
  • added nice charts with monthly statistics
  • added option for enabling NGINX access logging
  • updated version of all client-side libraries (jQuery, jComponent and CodeMirror)
  • improved code
  • fixed analyzator for deprecated warnings
  • fixed a problem with determination of nginx binary
  • added support for Total.js components (group superadmin)

How to upgrade my current version?

  • upgrade Total.js version $ npm install total.js
  • backup file /databases/applications.json
  • backup your credentials in /config file (only credentials, nothing more)
  • copy all directories and files from a new version of SuperAdmin to your server
  • restore your backup file /databases/applications.json
  • restore your credentials in /config
  • you have to update SSL generator to latest version via bash $ bash /www/superadmin/ --update
  • IMPORTANT replace /etc/nginx/nginx.conf for /superadmin/nginx.conf
  • restart SuperAdmin $¬†bash
  • perform nginx -t and when it's everything ok nginx -s reload
  • clear cache in your web browser