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Premium Eshop v10

Premium Node.js Eshop v10

  • supports removing unused files (Settings --> Right corner Options button)
  • added Mailer for sending newsletters
  • SMTP settings in $manager
  • supports importing email addresses into the newsletter
  • improved UI
  • improved CMS editor
  • a lot of fixes of Peter Sirka's mistakes
  • download Source-Code

New features and improvements in this version

Mailer / Newsletter sender

This is the best feature in this version of Total.js Eshop. You can send newsletters directly from administration area. Mailer supports view statistics and unsubscribe feature.

Mailer / Newsletter sender

Improved CMS editor

A lot of work has been done on CMS editor including some new features. Widgets can be groupped by categories, so e.g. newsletter can contain only newsletter widgets. The next big thing is new move arrows, so now it's possible to move repeating elements.

CMS editor

Improved settings

A settings page in administration area ($manager) has been improved and some new settings have been added. Now you can define key and value values for templates, navigations, categories, etc.. A big new feature is SMTP settings.

Improved Eshop settings


I have improved data-grids. Each grid has a refresh button for refreshing data. Also in this version when you create a new product it's not published by default, you can find a checkbox in the Product form to make it visible on the frontend.

New options in Product page

Premium CMS coming soon with a new design similar to Total.js Eshop. Thank you all for supporting Total.js Platform by purchasing Total.js Premium account.