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Total.js Messenger v2

Total.js Messenger v2

New version requires Total.js v2.5+.

  • supports Total.js Components
  • improved mobile version
  • improved design
  • improved stability
  • improved performance
  • extended for Total.js Flow
  • each user can subscribe to any channel
  • tested on more than 500 users

Download Source-Code


Components bring a new dimension to Total.js Messenger because they can extend functionality easily without changing core code. Each Total.js Component for Total.js Messenger has defined a group called messenger. So via Total.js components you can extend server-side and client-side code together.

I'll create a new blog post with tutorial How to extend Total.js Messenger via Total.js components in a few days. Let's talk with us on Total.js messenger.

Improved design

I didn't want to copy Slack, so I have replaced some colors and now the messenger is a bit nicer.

Messages statistics

Now each conversation contains statistics with messages count by months and years. If you have larger display then you can see statistics for more than 12 months.


Subpage Users

I have improved searching (it has a better performance) and all photos are loaded dynamically via new jComponent LazyLoad.

Subscribing to channels

This version supports subscribing/unsubscribing of channels so user only recieve notifications from subscribed channels.

Channels / Notifications

Enable / Disable notifications of channels

Mute notifications for 1 hour

A user can mute a specific channel or user for 1 hour.

Mute channels for 1 hour

Are you interested? Download Source-Code now. Read more information at Total.js Messenger homepage.