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Flowboard BETA: A nice designer for your IoT

Flowboard BETA: A nice designer for your IoT

I prepare a new Total.js product Flowboard. Flowboard is a designer for Internet of Things (IoT). You can create own plans of your home, flat, industry, city, place, etc.. Possibilities are unlimited.


  • Flowboard is a small Total.js package
  • can be provided on small computers like Raspberry PI
  • works only with Total.js Flow
  • easy creating of components
  • supports HTML elements, images, SVG, videos, audio, etc.
  • our team can create custom components
  • works on mobile devices like tablets (e.g. iPad Pro)
  • works without internet connection

Images of home plans are from

How to run it?

  • Download Flowboard package
  • Download Flow package
  • Download Empty-Project
  • Copy packages to Empty-Project
  • Run Empty-project
  • Open address$flowboard/