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Total.js v2.7.0

New Total.js framework version 2.7.0

This version brings a few fixes and improvements.


Static files of Components

I have improved rendering of group of components @{components('group'}. Now the framework links static files from rendered groups only. In other words: each group of components has its own scripts and styles. This change is a good news for applications using a lot of components.


With this version you can extend some Total.js prototypes easily. Just extend prototype:

Changed default IP

I have changed default IP from to This change has multiple benefits:

  • app can run on localhost or
  • app can run on your machine IP e.g.
  • Amazon EC2 and another similar services use IP for Node.js apps

Controller can be changed in the schema directly

In some cases it's very important to change a controller dynamically and directly in the schema. I have extend SchemaBuilderEntity by adding a new method .$controller(new_controller).

For example:

NoSQL meta-data

Only a few developers know that NoSQL supports meta-data - key-value storage. I have extended database object by adding new methods:

Meta-data are stored in plain-text JSON file: orders.nosql-meta and all meta-data are read into the memory automatically when the DB is loaded.

Improved Unit-Testing

I have improved unit-testing in Total.js framework. Read more information about new unit-testing system in Total.js documentation or follow this example.

Example of some test:


Improved RESTBuilder

I have added a new features into the RESTBuilder:

  • instance.robot() extends user-agent by adding bot keyword
  • extends user-agent by adding iPhone keyword
  • instance.file(name, filename, [buffer]) can upload file as multipart/form-data

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