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OpenPlatform v3

OpenPlatform v3 is here!

I'm very excited to present a new version of great Total.js product: OpenPlatform. New version brings new features, much simpler API, much improved UI and great new features.

OpenPlatform v3 is a simple enterprise-ready platform for running, integrating and managing multiple web applications. In short: OpenPlatform is a simple container for users and third-party applications independent on the client-side/server-side technology.



  • applications are running in windowed frame
  • supports window manipulation (resize, maximize, minimize, etc.)
  • supports creating of screenshots
  • supports app badges as a simple alternative to notifications
  • supports notifications
  • improved meta file openplatform.json
  • works in Internet Explorer 10 + all major browsers
  • OpenPlatform can be used as a bundle - download source-code


I have prepared improved documentation for OpenPlatform. Documentation contains all important info about OpenPlatform and creating applications for the OpenPlatform.

Easy start

I have prepared application template for easy and quick start. Just download source-code from GitHub and customize it by your needs. This template will save a lot of time and it's fully optimized for mobile devices.

OpenPlatform Application Template

New "beta" apps for OpenPlatform

I have created some simple OpenPlatform apps, currently the apps are in beta preview:

OpenPlatform v3

Electron wrapper


Electron with OpenPlatform


OpenPlatform is currently deployed for the first financial customer (revenue +27 mil. EUR). The company uses OpenPlatform for internal small apps. Users are synchronized via Active Directory (AD) and most of OpenPlatform apps use 3rd party REST services for communication with complicated intranet apps and Oracle.

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