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Total.js v2.9.2

Total.js v2.9.2

This version doesn't contain big news but contains important fixes and improvements. Be sure to update your current version with new v2.9.2.

Important news

GZIP compression

I have updated GZIP compression for static files. Now the framework creates a compressed file (GZIP with best compression) and stores it in temporary directory for the future usage. In the next request is this file processed from the temporary directory. This solution saves CPU and memory consumption but not much it increases a disk usage.

Closing open streams

I have replace older onFinished implementation with my solution for closing open streams. New solution is better for the performance and CPU consumption.

New global aliases

I have added new global aliases for sending emails:

  • LOGMAIL() alias to F.logmail()
  • MAIL() alias to F.mail()

Up-To-Date mechanism for local dependencies

Thank to Tema Smirnov for creating up-to-date mechanism for local files. It can be used only with /dependencies file, for example:

Important fixes


This version fixes nested schema validation and schema validation with Array types. You could a problem with it, so it's time to upgrade Total.js to a newest version.

Loading dependencies

Older versions have a problem with loading of multiple packages in order and this version fixes it. Sometimes some packages didn't loaded.

Buy a premium account and support this great JavaScript platform. I'm going to publish new premium CMS v11 and Eshop v11 with this new version. Stay tuned.