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SQL Agent 11

Node ORM: SQL Agent 11

New version of SQL Agent brings some improvements and bug fixes.

Improved listing method

I have improved sql.listing() method for all databases. Now it returns an extended object with new properties: page, pages and limit.


Inline callback

Inline callback can be defined in SqlBuilder and it supports only the one callback function. The example below describes the functionality:

MongoDB problems

Each version of MongoDB is a bit different and this is a big problem for long term projects. Therefore I don't recommend to use MongoDB. This version of SQL Agent solves a problem with a new version of MongoDB driver and with storing static files in GridFS. Support Node PostgreSQL it's really good and helpful module.

PostgreSQL improvements

PostgreSQL Native C/C++ bindings

I have improved connection string for PostgreSQL by adding a native parameter for enabling PostgreSQL native C/C++ bindings which is much faster than classic pure JavaScript implementation.

First install pg-native:

Connection string:

Usage is absolutely same than you're use with pure JavaScript implementation, so just change your connection string and everything will work like a charm.

Fixed storing files in older PG version

I have fixed storing files in older < 9.3 versions of PostgreSQL. This module stores files in pg_largeobject collection. Files are stored in chunks and reading/writing is built on Node.js streams.

Good to know

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