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Flow: REST API components

New Flow REST API components

I have created a new components for creating REST API. Just open Components section and install REST components. IMPORTANT REST components can process JSON only on input, output can be anything.

REST: Schema

This component can create a new Total.js Schema. Just type your schema declaration and join with REST: Route component. You can create unlimited count of workflows, transformations or CRUD operations directly without re-compilation of your source-code.

Schema settings:

REST Schema

REST: Route

The component registers a new Total.js route in the background. You can choose middleware, schema and its operations + you can define a response. A great feature is response caching and duration measuring of request processing.

REST Route

REST: Middleware

This component can create a middleware in the Flow directly. Then you can use this middleware in your REST Route component. For example a simple middleware delay:

REST Middleware

REST: Proxy

Next great component is REST Proxy which creates a proxy between your local API and external service.

REST Proxy

REST: Operation

This component can create a new Total.js Operation in the Flow directly. Then you can use this operation in REST ExecOperation component.

REST operation

Another components

REST: Exec Operation

Executes an existing Total.js Operation.


Enables CORS for your endpoint.

REST: Interpreter

This component can receive a data from code directly. It registers a global method INTERPRET(channel, data) and you can execute this method from the code. The component can be helpful for getting states of some processes.