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Total.js CMS v12

Total.js / Node.js CMS v12

Finally, Node.js CMS v12 is here! I can say that Total.js CMS is the best ever Node.js CMS in the world. It's free for everyone, is extensible and you can download a lot of free widgets. This version brings a lot of new features.


  • Total.js CMS is without Node.js dependencies (you need Total.js framework only)
  • Total.js CMS uses a very effective NoSQL embedded database
  • Total.js CMS is free for everyone!
  • CMS saves CPU and memory consumption (website uses around 15-25 MB-RAM)


Parts offer re-using some content from one page for another pages. Parts are a part of CMS editor, but for rendering some partial content you need to download Part widgets. You will love this feature.

Creating Part:

Creating part

Use Part:

Use part

Save as a draft

Now you can create a draft of your new changes for existing pages. This was a missing feature. Draft is not published for your visitors, but you can see/send its preview easily.


Do you want to see a click statistic on your links? With this feature you can track count of clicks on the specific link. Also you can watch link tracking statistics in CMS dashboard and in the Link tracking form.

Link tracking


This was the second missing feature. Now you can create redirects for your non-existing pages. Each page can contain own redirects. So if the visitor will visit some URL in redirects list then it will be redirected to this page.


Or you can create a global redirects, just open Page section and click on the Redirects item in the right panel.

Global redirects

Improved CMS editor

CMS editor contains a lot of fixes and improvements.


  • editor shows empty all alt attributes of img tags
  • by default is text multi-line disabled

Add Font-Awesome icons easily

Font-Awesome icons

Just press CMD+P or CTRL+P in text editing.

Double click on the text allows editing

Double-click editing

Copy & Paste existing widgets

Copy & Paste

Also you can copy widgets between different pages.

Improved attribute form

Attribute form

Custom page styles

This CMS version supports custom styles per page. Styles are added into the page <head> tag.

Custom page styles

Improved widgets

  • widgets can be installed from CMS editor directly
  • widgets form contains tabs with categories



This is a new part of CMS which contains global events from the entire page. For example if someone sends contact form or votes in a poll then you can see info about this in Events section.

New widgets

Total.js CMS offers a lot of free widgets which you can use on your websites. You can download widgets directly from CMS or just visit:

New CMS widgets

Dynamic admin parts

I have implemented a new feature of jComponent UI library. Admin area now releases unused parts. For example if you open Pages section and then you open Dashboard then CMS will remove the Pages section after 10 minutes. This can save cpu/memory consuption and maybe a battery in your device too.

Total.js CMS as a bundle

Develop your website with much smaller code. You can download a bundle with Total.js CMS, just visit this repository - Bundled Total.js CMS on GitHub

Improved UI and server-side code

  • Font-Awesome v5
  • jComponent v15
  • Total.js v3

Are you ready?

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Special thanks to Pedro Costa for development, advices and practices.