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Flow v6 is here!

Total.js Flow v6

Today is a big day for Total.js Flow. Flow v6 is now released as a new version and it brings great new features and improvements.

Improved UI

We have improved UI a lot. It contains a new version of jComponent - v17 or Font-Awesome 5 Free. We have improved performance in designer by removing shadows. Tabs can be scrolled on mobile devices or smaller desktop screens (but a mouse with horizontal scrolling wheel is needed).

Flow UI

Better updates of components

We have updated the list of components on CDN. Now each component contains its version, so updating of Flow components will be much faster. We have updated UI for components section too.


Added templates

Templates are something new and in other words: Templates are predefined Flows (exported to JSON + saved on our CDN). Now it's very easy to start with Total.js Flow.



Flow Importing/Exporting supports JSON format (by default). Exporting contains one big feature called note, you can type a note in markdown format.


Improved designer

Martin Smola improved designer by adding mouse multi-select. Just press ctrl (Windows/Linux) or cmd (MacOS) and mouse, then you can select multiple components at once. The image below describes more:


Internal improvements

Updated Flow config

IMPORTANT: templates field must contain link to list of components

  • templates field contains a link to list of templates
  • templates2 field can contain your link to your custom list of templates
  • components field contains a link to list of components
  • components2 field can contain your link to your custom list of templates
  • url field can contain a link to external Flow (yes you can connect to another Flow instance)
  • type field can affect Flow's behaviour, read below

Behaviour type:

This new option called type can affect internal behaviour of flow.package. It can contain one of these values: bundle (default), server (frontend won't be used), client (backend won't be used) but you need a specific url address for connecting to an external Flow backend.


Now variables are stored in independent file called variables.txt. So designer.json will contain only Flow schema without variables. It was a missing feature for relasing Flow from development to production environment.

Flow reloading

This version of Flow contains a new method FLOW.reload() which can reload designer.json and variables.txt file dynamically without restarting. FLOW.reload() can be called from code component or directly in the app.