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November report 2020

November report 2020

UI components

  • added new component j-MonthlyCalendar
  • added new component j-FileUploader
  • added new component j-RawInput
  • added new component j-Rules
  • added new component j-MinHeight
  • added new component j-iFrameViewer
  • improved UI in j-Flow
  • fixed history in j-Flow
  • each component in j-Dashboard contains auto-generated class d-COMPONENTNAME in the element
  • each component in j-Flow contains auto-generated class f-COMPONENTNAME in the element
  • fixed animation in j-Flow
  • fixed moving of components in j-Dashboard
  • fixed validation in j-Properties2
  • added a new option delay to j-Spotlight
  • added max option to j-LiveStats
  • improved j-Search by adding splitwords option
  • fixed icon in j-Window
  • improved dependencies in j-CodeMirror
  • improved j-WebSocket
  • j-Menu improved code + added auto-scaling positioning to window
  • improved code in j-NotificationsPanel
  • fully updated j-Empty component
  • improved CSS in j-Table
  • added noborder option to j-Table
  • improved j-Dashboard by adding auto-classes to components according to the size
  • fixed handling of nullable values in j-Flow
  • fixed link parser in j-Markdown
  • improved j-Info
  • extended j-DataGrid by adding floating panel with row controls
  • improved j-FileUploadList by adding progress config key
  • added closeclick option to j-Info
  • fixed inline code parser in j-Markdown

jComponent library

  • improved encryption
  • added API() method for new Total.js API endpoints
  • added Number.between() prototype
  • renamed event environment to env
  • added new event visible which determines document/browser visibility
  • added a new command called helper to data-bind
  • added resize2 event to v18 and v17
  • added QUERIFY([url], obj) method
  • added PLUGINABLE(name, declaration, [init]) method (a new dynamic types of PLUGINS)
  • added Thelpers.empty as alias to Thelpers.def
  • added $assign key which assigns a current instance of the component according to the path defined in $assign

Total.js framework

  • fixed versions with defined default_root by Martin Smola
  • fixed masking in WebSocket
  • fixed controller.transfer()

Total.js 4

  • added a new route type called API
  • improved server-side <-> client-side encryption
  • added Number.between() prototype
  • fixed masking in WebSocket
  • improved RESTBuilder
  • improved ACTION() method
  • IMPORTANT replaced file upload algorithm (+15% performance)
  • IMPORTANT replaced routing (dynamic/websocket) algorithm (+10% performance)

Total.js CMS

  • added new event templates.compile


  • optimized Flow for Total.js 4

Code Editor

  • updated jComponent library
  • updated Font-Awesome icons
  • added auto-creating of Wiki documentation from source-code
  • improved templates


  • prepared a new version of SuperAdmin


  • added UI designer to OpenPlatform
  • improved UI in portal mode
  • improved Total.js module openplatform.js by adding a new type of authorization
  • fixed OAuth 2.0 connector to another OpenPlatform
  • improved logging


  • fixed QueryBuilder.owner() method
  • added caching for entire results of a call:
    • sets cache db.cache('KEY', '5 minutes')
    • clears cache db.cache('KEY', 'clear')