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November report 2019

November report 2019

UI components

Today we have 185 UI components. All UI components are free and open-source for everyone. Visit:

  • NEW UI component: called j-Dockable
  • NEW UI component: called j-ServiceWorker
  • NEW UI component: called j-SearchBox
  • NEW UI component: called j-Windows
  • NEW UI component: called j-InfiniteScroll
  • j-Windows updated resizing and added autosave parameter
  • Fixed autofill for j-Input and j-Textbox in Firefox
  • Fixed unexpected behavior in j-Pin
  • Fixed raw in j-Directory
  • Small CSS changes in j-DatePicker
  • Added scrolltop config key in j-ServerListing
  • Added darkmode into j-NoSQLcounter
  • Added absolute config key for j-Part (enables absolute position for the component)
  • Added responsive margin config key for j-Viewbox
  • j-Properties contains show config key as a custom condition
  • Improved forcevalidation in j-Input (fixed a number validation)
  • Improved j-ListMenu
  • Improved j-Panel, now contains container config key (enables something like ViewBox inside the panel)
  • Replaced tag A for SPAN in j-Pagination
  • Updated j-Form by improving UI
  • j-DataGrid has improved UI, supports better scopes and contians multiple declaration of columns for different views
  • j-Paramters has fixed self.setter with undefined/null value and improved UI

jComponent library

Total.js Framework

We have released two version of Total.js framework. Second version Total.js v3.3.2 fixes a problem with UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Currently we prepare a new version with some bug fixes and small improvements:


Total.js Code

  • Import & Export of existing users
  • Added Chat support (Chat is rendered into the independent and windowed iframe)
  • Added new templates for /versions and /sitemap
  • Fixed sign-in form, now the Firefox can store credentials
  • Improved Log cleaner (removed loading)
  • Improved diff indicator
  • Improved auto-complete dictionary
  • Fixed importing of UI components in HTML syntax
  • Fixed templates
  • Code editor includes Menlo font - the reason is Windows
  • Updated jComponent version
  • Download latest: code.bundle from


We work on a new version of CMS, we don't know a release date. New CMS will be as a plugin in a new product called Adminer. So adminer will be pluginable via Total.js Bundles. Our plan is to create other plugins like e.g. Eshop.