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New Total.js Cloud version

New Total.js Cloud version

New features

  • Improved UI
  • All app containers with Total.js SuperAdmin
  • Preinstalled Total.js apps
  • Database containers
  • Daily backups
  • We support two locations: Europe and USA

Improved UI

We have entirely redesigned Total.js Cloud with a more minimalist design and improved functionality. And also, you can share containers with your members.

Total.js Cloud interface

With Total.js Cloud, you can start to develop much faster. With preinstalled Total.js Code Editor, you can collaborate in real-time with your colleagues or friends on your projects. Try Total.js Rapid Cloud development today:

Create container

Total.js SuperAdmin

Each container (with applications) contains preinstalled Total.js SuperAdmin. So you can easily create your new applications as never before.


Database containers

Finally Total.js Cloud supports database containers with PostgreSQL database. If you create a database container then you obtain a connection string to your database. We have prepared great containers with good CPU, memory and fast storage for the PostgreSQL database.

Connection string


We have prepared two tutorials that may help you to understand Total.js Cloud with Total.js Cloud Rapid Development. Watch the tutorials below:

Total.js Cloud Development in two minutes:

Advanced Total.js Cloud tutorial:

Node-red alternative called Total.js Flow in two minutes:


We offer fair pricing for everyone:

Container typePrice
Up to 5 apps5.80 EUR / month
Up to 10 apps with better CPU and RAM10.80 EUR / month
PostgreSQL Small14.50 EUR / month
PostgreSQL Bigger31.50 EUR / month

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