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Total.js CMS v13

Total.js CMS v13

I'm very happy to announce a new version of Total.js CMS. Personally I think that this version of Total.js CMS is the best ever Node.js CMS in the world with more than 100 widgets and without dependencies.

Unfortunately we can't keep backward compatibility with the previous versions because the new version brings a new page template mechanism. Now you can build website directly in admin interface of CMS.


Our Node.js CMS doesn't use any external dependencies or database. All data are stored on HDD, so providing/backuping of Total.js CMS is very very easy.

Try our website:

New Total.js CMS is fully pluginable, but not like Wordpress. Now you can extend CMS by adding your sections into the admin much easily as never before. All parts are secured in admin interface (security is applied for all /admin/* routes), so you don't need to solve a security.

Improved security

We have improved security a lot. CMS generates a random secret for encrypting of passwords (it combinates secret with SHA256 algorithm) and the CMS includes a small DDOS password protection.

New template mechanism

Now you can update all templates directly in Total.js CMS. So you can easily create new templates according to your needs and in release mode. Each part (pages, posts or newsletters) of Total.js CMS has own templates and we prepared default templates for all section. You don't need anything for creating of simple websites with Total.js CMS. Templates are based on Total.js Views.

Soon we will extend by adding a new section called: CMS templates.

Template mechanism

New section for Contact forms

CMS contains a new section called Contact forms. You will be able to see all received contact forms directly in administration area.

Improved UI

  • CMS uses jComponent v18
  • we have improved the entire UI
  • improved CMS editor by adding new features, shortcuts, etc.
  • improved Image editor by adding grayscale mode
  • improved all views with data-grids
  • improved settings
  • updated UI components

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