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Februar report 2020

February report 2020

UI components

  • new UI component: j-Developer
  • new UI component: j-MiniForm
  • new UI component: j-Layout2
  • new UI component: j-LargeForm
  • new UI component: j-Properties2
  • new UI component: j-CheckboxListExpert by Denis Granec
  • new UI component: j-RadioButtonExpert by Denis Granec
  • new Tangular helper: color on Componentator
  • updated j-FaIconsButton added a support for labels
  • updated j-Panel scrollbar is still visible by default
  • improved j-LineChart + added a support for dark-mode
  • improved code in j-Navigation
  • improved code in j-Loading + added a new style of loading
  • improved CSS in j-Message.
  • fixed placeholder in j-Textarea
  • fixed reload and default options in j-Panel
  • fixed reload and default options in j-Form
  • fixed reload and default options in j-Modal
  • fixed scrollbar in j-Panel (added orientation)
  • fixed rendering with disabled animation in j-StatBarSimple
  • fixed j-Directory with custom argument
  • fixed a condition for the compilation in j-Repeater
  • fixed click on the label in j-RadioButton
  • fixed j-RadioButtonExpert a problem with negative boolean

jComponent library

  • added performance monitoring
  • added a new method called REPEAT() as better alternative to setInterval()
  • fixed format command in data-bind
  • fixed marginY in custom scrollbars
  • improved internal parser by adding boolean type

Total.js framework

  • added allow_reqlimit as a small DDOS protection
  • added a support for .mjs extensions
  • improved .env parser by adding of modes: .env-debug and .env-release
  • fixed a critical bug with UID generator
  • improved JSON serializer for controller.success() method
  • GZIP compression is enabled only for plain-text files with more than 4096 bytes
  • released a new version v3.4.0
  • improved Date.format()
  • improved String.parseDate(format)
  • added Tangular (experimental)
  • fixed inheriting of controller between schemas
  • fixed MailMessage.attachmentfs()
  • fixed controller.success()

Total.js modules

  • improved code in ClientError module
  • updated code in Session module
  • updated OpenPlatform module
  • removed useless modules

Code Editor

  • added a new operation on CDN called SMS
  • added a support for removing of local files
  • added generating of a simple documentation site from parts
  • added Synchronize bundle
  • updated jComponent version
  • updated CodeMirror version to latest 5.51.0
  • improved parser for parts (you can see unused UI components)
  • fixed diff analyzator


  • added OP.on('revision', fn) on client-side
  • added OP.clipboard(text) on client-side
  • added OP.offline(text) on client-side
  • added a simple wizard for new users
  • updated account settings
  • improved user revisions
  • improved profile form in users management
  • improved UI for mobile devices in portal mode


  • released a new version v13
  • added progress bar to Newsletter section when it's sending a newsletter
  • added unsubscribe filter to Subscribers section
  • fixed Posts
  • fixed permissions
  • fixed unsubscribe
  • fixed Newsletters widgets
  • fixed Subscribers - export to CSV

CMS widgets

  • added widget ContentLogos
  • updated widget Contentpartners
  • added widget NewsletterColumns2
  • added widget NewsletterImage
  • added widget NewsletterText


  • added QueryBuilder.custom(fn) method
  • added QueryBuidler.transform(fn) method


  • fixed settings in alexarouter component
  • fixed fi component + added cleaning of queue